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Make A Referral

Know someone who needs our services? Learn how to refer someone to Allied Behavioral Services.

Referrals are made to Erika Abercrombie at or 423-899-4717 (fax) and attach the following:

What is needed for Initial Assessment for Behavioral Services:

  • Referral Form that describes what is going on (i.e., problematic behaviors, lacking of certain skills, risks, etc.).
  • A current order from primary care physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist stating that Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is medically necessary due to the problematic behavior and/or risks due to lack of appropriate skill set to incorporate into society safely.  ABA assists with reducing risk of harm to self and others.
  • Copy of insurance card.
  • Need contact information of individual, family, conservator, physicians, etc.

Additional Information that can be acquired during the assessment period once approved:

  • Request an intake form
  • List of current medications
  • Any documents and information available
  • Medical History (admissions, etc.)
  • Any history of abuse, neglect, or involvement with human services or law enforcement

What Happens After the Initial Assessment for ABA Services is Authorized:

  • The BCBA will contact the parents, family, provider agency, etc. to schedule assessment visits and complete the treatment plan.
  • The treatment plan will be trained with parents, family, agency staff, school employees, and other professionals as identified as clinically necessary.
  • The treatment plan will teach techniques to reduce problematic behaviors, increase appropriate behaviors, and teach replacement skills to reduce social isolation and associated risks with the target behaviors (i.e., police involvement, eviction, loss of job, loss of relationships, etc.).