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What We Do

Our BCBAs and RBTs:

  • Conduct functional behavior assessments (ABAS-3, VB-MAPP, etc.) across all environments to teach skills necessary to develop and promote independence as well as successful community integration 
  • The assessment(s) will identify what is maintaining target/problematic behaviors and develop replacement behaviors/skills to assist in changing these problematic behaviors and are within the individual’s behavioral capacity 
  • Develop individual treatment plans (Behavior Support Plans, Maintenance Plans, Crisis Plans) 
  • Provide training on treatment plans to parents, individuals, teachers, caregivers, and various other professionals within the Circle of Support
  • Develop data forms to track, graph, and analyze behavior 
  • Develop reliable treatment outcomes based on data
  • Attend IEP and ISP meetings when applicable 
  • Present behavioral plans, treatment outcomes and results as needed